Monday, 23 March 2015

The Sesam festival

Finally! on the 9th of March it was the day we were all be waiting on. It was book presentation of the Sesam books in the Roma in Antwerp. It was a great day! Now, two weeks later the rush is out of it and i can give you this memory.

En als je nog niet genoeg krijgt van deze post kan je altijd terecht op deze link van Studio Sesam

There was a lot of media coverage on this Sesamproject. 

In the morning there where workshops, lectures and a debate with politicians about diversity in childrensbooks. With minister Sven Gatz, Yasmine Kherbache (Sp.a), Imade Annouri (Groen) and schepen Nabillla Ait Daoud with moderator Gie Goris from MO

Look at this guy's cool socks!

After the debat I gave my book to minister Sven Gatz. Too bad that a week later we had to read in the newspapers that there is a new law which lifts the cities of the obligation to have public libraries. 

In the afternoon there was a show to present the 10 stories in the Sesambox. There were about 500 people in the watching. 300 of them were enthusiastic children of nearby schools. At the end of the show I was drawing my characters of the book on big screen so everybody could see. That was fun to do!


Afterwards there was the reception.
 I also had my first experience with singing books. Such a strange feeling :)

 Books where sold. looked at and read with lots of oh's and ah's. 

And these are all the great writers and illustrators of the 10 stories. So happy to be one of them. 

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