Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Dino

I heard of a project. A woman in the UK had a written a childrensstory and really wanted to have it illustrated. So i reacted on her call and searched how to the main character looked like.

The project for me was a very good way to get my exitment of drawing back again. In that time i was so confused about how i wanted to draw and why.
But after searching and trying a lot of things i found it again. (That toghetter with an other project that i am woriking on)

So here are a lot of drawings i drew to try things out. 

Nothing good at the beginning. 


I really liked the colours and "way of" on this one

Than i had this one and send it to the woman. But it wasn't the main charater, he had to be more fierce and less cheeky.

So i tried again, surfing on that feeling of "i really want to draw"


And suddenly i had this guy in front of me. I like his style and coloursheme.
I like the way he came to live on my paper. I like his subtle lines. 

 So, now it is just wait for the reaction and her decission to choose me as an illustrator.

 She wanted his head more round. So i send a little sketch of what it could be.

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